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HVAC Duct Cleaning In Charleston SC Will Improve The Indoor Air Quality

Is the furniture dusty? Is sneezing a common occurrence? Are people in the building continually sick with colds or viruses? The air quality in a building can affect the health and breathing of the occupants. HVAC Duct Cleaning in Charleston SC can remove animal dander, dust, debris, bacteria, viruses and other harmful things that can be hiding in the duct work. Replacing the filter for a furnace or air conditioner will help to reduce some of the dirt that travels through the system, it won’t remove all of it. A homeowner can use a vacuum hose in the cold or return air supply opening, but it won’t be able to reach the entire length of the system.

How is HVAC Duct Cleaning in Charleston SC performed?

     *     A technician will arrive at a home with a power vacuum truck and introduce themselves.

     *     Carpets and floors will be protected with a cover, so the hose will not damage them.

     *     The heating and cooling equipment will be operated through one cycle.

     *     The technician will determine the best area to gain access to the duct work.

     *     The covers on all registers will be covered to prevent blowback from occurring during the cleaning process.

     *     A small opening will be created in the main return and supply of the HVAC system. This opening is usually an eight-inch circle.

     *     Some technicians carry a camera that can reach into the duct interior which displays the dirt and the debris inside.

     *     The vacuum hose that runs to the truck will be connected the return or the main supply. (when one side is complete, it will be moved to the other side)

     *     The vacuum will create a strong air flow that will continue throughout the cleaning process.

     *     Special air nozzles, brushes, agitation tools and other equipment are used to loosen dirt and debris which the vacuum will remove.

When the duct work is clean, the technician will reseal the openings they put in the duct work. This type of cleaning should be performed on a regular basis. Newly built homes will have drywall dust, splinters of wood and other items deep in the duct work. If the duct work has never been cleaned, a call to Preferred Home Services for cleaning should be made. Do you really want to breathe all of the dirt and grime all of the previous owners left behind?