How to Start a Claim After an Auto Accident in Harford County, MD

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Personal Injury

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In Maryland, auto accidents could present victims with life-changing injuries and/or disabilities. The outcome of the accident could determine if an insurance claim will cover the full expense of medical treatment and ongoing care for the victim. A local attorney provides assistance for all victims who were injured in an auto accident in Harford County, MD.

Collect Medical Records for Injuries

The victim will need conclusive medical records that show all injuries sustained in the auto accident. The doctor must pinpoint the exact conditions caused by the accident. The evidence must prove that the at-fault driver caused the victim’s injuries, and the record must show how these injuries impacted the victim’s life.

Collect Estimates for Auto Repair Expenses

The victim should get at least three estimates from auto repair shops for any auto repair demands. The estimates must include details about how the vehicle is damaged and that the accident was the cause. The victim cannot include any auto damage that didn’t occur in the car accident.

Calculate All Lost Wages

An employer can provide an income statement for the victim that explains the total volume of wages lost due to the accident. The income statement must show the victim’s salary or hourly wages and the total number of days missed during the victim’s recovery. Any projected wages that could be lost due to a disability or permanent condition should also appear in the legal claim.

Acquire Witness Testimony

The attorney can conduct depositions for any witnesses that saw the accident happen. The witnesses must agree to testify in court and explain what they saw. The attorney creates physical records of all information presented by the witnesses. Subpoenas are sent to all witnesses that agreed to testify in the case.

In Maryland, auto accidents could produce fatalities or serious injuries that lead to high costs for the victims or their families. When starting a legal claim after an accident, the victim must collect evidence, which should include medical records and witness testimony if available. Victims who need assistance after an auto accident in Harford County, MD can visit our website for more information right now.

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