How To Sell Your Diamonds Feb21


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How To Sell Your Diamonds

There are many qualified diamond buyers in Louisville who can help you in the process of selling your diamonds. When you choose to sell diamonds, it is important to understand what steps you should take to ensure you are getting the best deal for your dollar. Preparing your diamond and following each step in order can help you to be better prepared when you go to visit a diamond buyer for the first time.

The first step in selling a diamond is to get the piece appraised by a qualified person. They can help you determine the condition, value, and potential buying price of your diamond. Some people have more than one person appraise the piece before they take it to a buyer, but that is essentially up to you. Having your diamond appraised will help you to have a ball park figure of how much your piece should sell for.

The second step is to determine what many jewelers call the “C’s” of a diamond: clarity, carat, cut, and color. These components are similar to finding out the make, model, mileage, and year of a vehicle when you are buying or selling a car. Armed with this information, you can provide a better description later on when you visit with diamond buyers in Louisville for the first time.

The third step of selling a diamond involves writing a detailed description. A buyer is going to want to know every single detail there is to know about the piece before they even consider purchasing. If you have followed steps one and two, you should have adequate information to include in the description of your diamond. This information includes the value, clarity, carat, cut, and color of the diamond you are looking to sell.

Taking your piece to diamond buyers in Louisville is the fourth step of the process. Make sure the diamond is secure so you do not lose it on your journey to the jeweler. Be prepared with your description of the diamond and have any relevant information on hand. Some jewelers may require some kind of form showing what the diamond was appraised for. Be prepared with the information you need to have a successful time at the jewelers. Often, people who include any paperwork with their diamond that is relevant to the process, have chances of getting better deals on their pieces than people who come in and give a description solely off of the top of their head.

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