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How To Know If Your Child Needs Therapy

It can be tough enough to know when you yourself need to find help with therapy, what’s harder still is knowing when your child needs help. Navigating the problem and finding professional adolescent therapy in St Paul isn’t hard to do and many websites exist to help with that exact problem. Educating yourself on the process of finding a therapist for your child will help immensely, for both yourself and the child. You really should put some effort into talking to your child and finding out if therapy is the best way to go.

When Does A Child Need Therapy

The time to seek therapy is when you notice a stark change in their personality, daily habits and outlook on life, especially if the changes happen very fast. Teens who need help start to show signs of depression or anger, withdrawal from friends and family and a lack of motivation for school and learning. If your child refuses to talk about their problems, then you can be certain that they need some form of help.

Finding A Good Therapist

Most people think about the years of experience and matching the therapist’s gender with the child is the first call to action when researching a therapist. In fact, what’s more important is specialization. It is strongly suggested to find a therapist who has a great deal of experience with children who are going through similar things to your own child. Therapists who specialize in the age group of your child are the best way to go, as they will understand the unique problems that your child may be facing.

Talking To Your Child About Therapy

Speaking with your child about the idea of therapy can be extremely difficult. Most of us even at a young age associate therapy with being broken and needing repair, which is very damaging to our self-esteem and ego. Avoid approaching the child with accusations or lectures. Instead, express your concern in a loving way and tell the child that you want them to be happy and that therapy can help.

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