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How to Keep Your Air Conditioning System in Yukon, OK, Cool this Summer

Homeowners who want to keep their homes cooler during the summer without putting unnecessary strain on their air conditioning system in Yukon, OK, should follow these tips.

Keep the Sun Out

Homes heat up fast when there’s a lot of sunlight coming into the house. Keep sunlight out during the hottest hours of the day by installing solar screens.

Seal Leaks

Cracks around doors and windows let air out and make it hard for the AC unit to keep a home cool. Also, homeowners should check their air ducts for any leaks that could allow cool air to escape.

Improve Air Flow

Homeowners can help their air conditioning units cool better by cleaning the condenser coils in the outside unit. Hosing the coils down after cutting the grass or after a bad storm rolls through is a great way to keep debris from blocking air flow.

Another way homeowners can improve air flow is to make sure they change their AC filter regularly.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans and pedestal fans are great ways to move cool air through the house and take some pressure off the AC unit. Using fans during the hottest summer days takes a lot of stress off the air conditioning unit. Homes that have an attic fan should turn on the fan to remove hot air from the attic.

Homeowners who think they may need a new air conditioning system from Yukon, OK. HVAC companies, should contact Gatlin Heat & Air.

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