How To Hire Humorous Keynote Speakers

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Business

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The good news is that if you are interested in hiring a professional speaker, you have hundreds of options available to you. The bad news is that picking the right one will take a little extra effort on your part, to ensure you get the right one. The problem most people have is that they don’t focus on the type of event and what they’re hoping to achieve. Humorous keynote speakers are always a popular choice because they get your points across in a funny and entertaining way. However, finding them isn’t always easy, so you’ll have to do some homework.

When To Hire Funny

A funny speaker can work for almost any event whether you want to educate, motivate or get people excited for growth and change. They can also be used to entertain, inform and promote awareness about your products, changes or anything else. However, most keynote speakers are used to excite, drive and inform others in a humorous way.


Before considering the speaker, you have to plan the event. You’ll need a date and time for starters, but you’ll also need to prepare a budget and get the venue and location information. Once you have all this information planned out and ready to go, you can look into a speaker for the event.


Most planners neglect this area completely, but it is the most important step. You can always find a speaker that’s available for the time and date you have set, but if you don’t know the budget, you could overspend and cost the company more money. If you underspend on the speaker, you could end up with someone who is unprofessional, late or doesn’t come at all.


Before you can book the speaker, you need to know when the event will take place. It’s important to decide on these planning parts as soon as possible because professionals are usually booked up to a year in advance. Even if you’ve put this part off or put off hiring a speaker, you can still find someone worthwhile, so don’t panic.


Choosing a location for the event is also significant in the early stages of the event-planning process. Knowing where you’ll be will ensure that you find a speaker who will be there. For example, some professionals tend to stay in their hometown or close by, so they don’t have to travel. Others are willing to travel if the price is right.

Humorous keynote speakers can excite your employees in a new and different way. Visit Doug Dvorak’s website to learn more.

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