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How to Find the Right Tarp for Your Roof

Poly tarps are often used on rooftops, in the garden and even on farms and in workshops. They come in a variety of colors, thicknesses and styles to meet the need of every application. If you want to find mesh covers that are both weather resistant and durable, then you should consider purchasing good quality poly tarps. Poly tarps often have nylon cords that add extra strength to the design, and they have hemmed sides to deliver extra stability during harsh weather conditions. The better quality tarp you choose, the heavier it will be. Heavier tarps are much more durable when compared to thin, lightweight tarps, so this is something to consider when choosing it for your roofing needs. If you’re covering up a shed roof as a temporary measure, then a heavy duty tarp shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re covering up a wider surface area, you should consider installing beams or supports to keep the tarp from dipping in the middle. This will give you the best results, and it will prevent water from gathering in the center of the tarp.

Easy To Handle Poly Tarps

Many people prefer medium density poly tarps as opposed to heavy duty poly tarps because they are much easier to handle. You can compact them into smaller shapes, and the material is much easier to fold. This makes them great for storing, and they also cost much less when compared to heavy duty alternatives. No matter what poly tarp you choose, all of them are UV resistant. This means you can store them out in the sun without worry of them becoming damaged or faded with long term exposure.

Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are another great alternative to poly tarps. Heavy Duty Canvas tarps are partially UV resistant; however they are more commonly used indoors. If canvas tarps are left out in the cold, then they tend to shrink. If left out in excessive heat, they expand. This is why poly tarps are typically used for outdoor applications, whereas canvas tarps are better for indoor uses. Both poly and canvas tarps are very affordable to buy, making them a great investment for almost any purpose.

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