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How to Determine Your Solar Power Needs

The use of solar power is slowly but surely gaining popularity. People have began to take seriously the issues of depletion of resources and global warming. On the other hand, high power bills have made consumers go back to the drawing board. Electricity generated via solar energy is cheaper than that supplied by power companies.

In order for solar power Atascadero panels to work effectively, the panels are placed on the roof of a residential building. Among the support equipment is the inverter whose work is to convert all power generated from DC to electric power. When there is sufficient sunshine, batteries stock up on the power generated. This is subsequently released on days with high cloud cover and during the night when there is no sunshine.

*     Most people prefer to have two power systems running concurrently. One is serviced by the power utility company whereas the other comes from self generated solar power. In order to benefit from power savings, during the day you can use power from the national grid. As you do so, the solar battery is charging itself from the day’s sunshine. During the night periods, you can then revert to electricity from your solar equipment.

*     The design of solar panels allows sunshine to hit them directly from a strategic location on the roof or open spaces. Ideal panels should measure about 5ft, though you can have smaller or larger versions. The space on your roof should be around 125 sq. ft. You do not need to carry out any maintenance. The batteries can last for up to 10 years. A panel can be replaced in case it breaks. This rarely happens unless it is hit or a heavy object falls on it.

*     Solar power is divided into two. The first category is where power is supplied during those days when there is a lot of sunshine. In the second category, power is derived from the battery. This provides a constant supply of power any time especially when there are heavy clouds such that sunshine cannot be felt.

*     In order to migrate to residential solar power, you need to determine the amount of power spent per month on average. Collect your bills for the past 1 year. Sum up the kilowatt hours used every month. Divide this figure by 12 and you will get an average monthly kilowatt hours. Divide this again by 30. It will give you a daily usage. Divide your answer by 5, being the number of hours the sun shines at its peak in USA.

*     Multiply the figure above by 1.43 to account for system loss. This gives the approximate size of the solar power Atascadero system needed in your home.



Solar Power Atascadero – By installing a solar power system, you will greatly reduce the amount you pay to the power utility company. With time you can eliminate such reliance. For more information, visit

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