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How to Create an Unboxing Experience for Your Customers

It’s undeniable that unboxing videos have become a viral trend on the internet. Customers love sharing their unboxing experiences on YouTube and various social media platforms, and many recently popular toys have been created with the unboxing experience in mind. There’s something to be said about the allure of unique and aesthetically pleasing packaging, and what the experience of getting through to your product does for your customers. So how do you ensure that you’re offering that experience as well? Here are a few tips for creating a memorable unboxing experience.

Get Creative

Your first step will be to find a boxes manufacturer who creates custom packaging. Choosing a die cut or standard box is part of the key to keeping your product snugly safe and packaged. Consider keeping a theme with all of your packaging, and make sure to keep your logo or your brand’s color story visible on the outer packaging. Use colorful tape or stamps to give your box a unique flair and create outer visuals that are just as pleasing as the product inside.

Get Personal

Once your customer opens the box, here’s where things get personal– and where you can really make the experience stand out. Consider including a thank you note or some other brand “calling card” neatly on top of your product for your customer to see first. Wrap the product itself separately in tissue paper, a bag, or any other component that your customer can open for a reveal. Choose a boxes manufacturer who also offers padding or dividers to help keep your product snug and safe.

Building up your brand can be made easier if you consult with a designer or other creative professional in order to plan out your packaging. Putting effort into this step and creating a visual brand and engaging experience can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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