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How Podiatry Can Ease Your Ankle Pain

Ankle pain in Joliet can affect the entire body. Many people with foot pain adjust the way they stand and walk to ease the discomfort. Unfortunately, those adjustments in posture can cause pain to the back, neck and hips. A more effective solution is to see a doctor who practices podiatry. A podiatrist focuses on problems related to the feet and ankles and may provide a solution or treatment to your pain or discomfort.

Podiatrists treat a number of foot and ankle problems. A foot doctor may prescribe a special pair of shoe or inserts for a patient who needs more arch support than they can find in commercially available shoes. Other patient see a podiatrist for treatment of plantar warts, bunions or foot problems related to diabetes, anemia or kidney failure. A podiatrist can also perform foot and ankle surgery.

There are a few foot and ankle conditions that may require surgery to enable a patient to use their feet and ankles normally. Some procedures, such as plantar wart removal, can be done in the doctor’s office with local anesthesia. Others, though, are performed at an outpatient surgery center where the tools and resources the doctor needs to perform the procedure are readily available. Surgeries for bone spurs and ankle arthroscopy are typically done at a surgical center.

Whether you need podiatry to care for your diabetic feet or to treat a foot or ankle injury, an experienced podiatrist can diagnose and treat your condition with the least invasive option available. Ankle pain in Joliet can be debilitating but care from a podiatrist can improve a patient’s quality of life, enabling them to move more freely without pain and experience more of the things they enjoy.

If you have been living with foot pain and have tried over-the-counter insoles or other treatments for your foot problems, consider seeing a podiatrist. A podiatrist can diagnose your condition and prescribe an effective treatment that may enable you to enjoy your life with less pain. For serious foot problems, a podiatrist can explain the treatment options and help patients decide how they would like to treat their condition. For more details visit at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates.