How Asphalt in Columbus Is Made and Repaired

by | May 17, 2013 | Construction & Maintanance

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Billions of cars drive on roads every year. Some of these are unpaved, while some are paved. What is used to pave those roads though? asphaltColumbus is used for making paved roads and maintenance is required to keep the roads paved.

There are many different ways that asphalt is mixed together to create asphalt concrete. There is hot mix which is heating the binder and mixing it with the asphalt to make it bind together properly. The there is warm mix and it is made by additives to the binder before mixing it. A cold mix by emulsifying in soapy water before mixing. Then you also have natural concrete which is created from bituminous rock.

The weather can have an impact on how asphalt gets damaged. However, it can also be damaged by accidents and groundwater. If the ground is frozen with ice and gets heated too quickly then the asphalt Columbus can crack. Water causes erosion in the road and that can also lead to potholes. When it comes to accidents, if a car rolls then it is going to damage the road when it hits.

Roads must be repaired and restored on a frequent basis. They can also have measures implemented to prevent damage in the first place. One of the ways prevention is done is to use a seal to keep icy conditions from cracking the road. To prevent erosion roads are normally built in a way to allow water to go off to either side of the road. If the road is damaged then repair can be as simple as an asphalt patch or as difficult as ripping out the road and replacing it.

The way that roads are repaired is usually by recycling old roads that have been replaced. A blacktop cookie is uncompacted hot mix asphalt that is leftover from a job. Asphalt millings are from when they smooth out the surface of a new road or old road. Reclaimed asphalt is from roads and parking lots that have been ripped up.

Roads are a great thing to have. Paved roads in particular make it where we do not have to drive very slow. Taking care of roads will ensure that they are around for a long time.

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