How a Collection Lawyer in St. Louis, MO Helps Consumers

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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Missouri consumers must take measures to manage their debt more pro-actively. This prevents them from facing unnecessary collection calls and credit-related damage. When debt becomes far too overwhelming, consumers must take a more defensive course of action. A debt collection lawyer in St. Louis, MO provides these consumers with these difficulties.

Stopping Harassing Phone Calls and Letters
Collection agencies must follow specific guidelines when connecting debtors. They aren’t allowed to call after 9pm or contact the consumer while they are working. Equally, if the consumer requests that they stop these calls, the new laws define the repercussions of harassing communications.

An attorney enforces these laws by contacting the collection agencies for the consumer. They understand the procedures for stopping harassing phones. They also know how to take action when the consumer’s rights are violated.

Negotiating With Creditors
Attorneys negotiate with creditors to reduce the total balance of the debt. This helps them to settle the debt at a quicker rate. The attorney could achieve a decreased payment plan to accommodate these requirements. When the consumer faces excessive debt, the attorney could help them review further strategies for debt relief.

Settling Debt Quicker
When the consumer can’t achieve a settlement, they could file for bankruptcy. This opportunity may present them with legal protection from creditors. This could include an automatic stay to prevent foreclosure of their home. It could also include protection against litigation when debts are included in a bankruptcy claim.

Equally, the judge could afford the consumer with a discharge for certain debts. Discharges are used for unsecured debts such as credit card accounts that were charged off. The court may include debts that have exceeded the statute of limitations in these discharge opportunities.

Missouri consumers gain debt relief assistance through attorneys. An attorney helps them stop harassing phone calls through negotiations or bankruptcy. These opportunities could also provide protection against lawsuits filed by creditors. This could save the consumer from foreclosure or repossession. They could also receive exemptions for specific assets. Consumers who wish to take a chance at viable debt relief solutions should contact a debt collection lawyer in St. Louis, MO or visit for more information.

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