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Hiring A Social Security Attorney In Paradise, CA To Receive SSDI

Residents of Butte County who are disabled may qualify for one of three forms of social security programs. These programs include Medi-Cal, SSI, and SSDI. They offer financial assistance to individuals who are temporary or permanently disabled. Anyone who wishes to apply for this assistance can do so by contacting their local Social Security Administration or the Butte County welfare agency. Visit website for more details.

Social Security Disability Insurance

The first requirement to qualify is the inability to work within any substantial role of employment that would generate enough income to support themselves. Substantial implies that the individual will earn at least $780 within any given month. The type of employment is not limited to the industry in which he or she has a previous employment record.

This inability must be based on a mental or physical condition that will remain longer than one year or is terminal in nature. To identify the impairment as a disability the state must recognize that the individual is unable to acquire employment in other industries based on an inadequate work history, training, or educational requirements. Age is also a factor that is considered in relation to the disability.

Unlike SSI, SSDI pays out based on the credits the individual has earned through his or her job experience. In basic, all working individuals earn one credit in social security every time they earn $920 in the state of California, with a maximum of only four credits annually. To qualify for SSDI, the state determines the number of credits earned based on the age of the applicant.

Any applicant who is younger than twenty-four years of age should have at least six credits within a three-year window. Applicants who are age twenty-four to thirty should have earned credits for no less than six months before they turned twenty-one. Those who are age thirty-one and older should have earned social security credits for at least five years worth of work throughout a ten-year period. If an applicant meets these requirements and is turned down for SSDI benefits, he or she can acquire a Social Security Attorney Paradise CA through Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law.