Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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If you are the accused in a criminal case, you feel that you have lost the battle before you even begin it. Going against the state in a criminal case may not be easy even when you feel that you are innocent, or that you did not commit the crime willingly.

The state is concerned about the lives of the citizens, and offenses of drunk driving are serious offenses. In case you are on the other end, you feel that there is still something that you can use to mitigate your case and ensure that you get a lighter sentence or secure an acquittal. It is for these reasons that you need to hire a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS.

Even if your alcohol level were above the legal limit, you can still fight a DUI charge successfully with the help of an attorney. You may feel helpless when you fail an alcohol test and automatically assume that you are guilty. When you hire an attorney, the interest of the attorney is to secure your release. There are still other factors that will be put in consideration before you get a conviction.

The attorney will argue out your case and consider factors such as the reason the authorities stopped your car. Before the police decide to stop your car, they must have reasonable belief that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. It is important to note that it is not in all cases that the police stop cars lawfully, and when it is discovered that it was stopped unlawfully, the authorities do not have the legal standing to accuse you.

Another factor to be considered is the whether the right procedure of arrest was followed. There is the stipulated procedure to conduct an arrest. If the officer did not follow the right procedure, this would be a good defense for you.

If you are hoping to secure a release on a DUI, charge, it is important that you hire a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS to argue out your case. The lawyer should have all the evidence to prove your innocence and should also ensure that the right procedures are followed. If this works, you may not be convicted on DUI charge. For more info, Visit the Website.

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