When Do You Hire A Tax Lawyer In Indianapolis, IN

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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There have been social security taxes taken out of every single paycheck you have ever received since you started working. The purpose of this system is so that when you are no longer able to work or you are old enough to retire the government has the proper funding to give you a monthly check. Any Tax Lawyer in Indianapolis, IN would be able to give you any information you need regarding social security taxes or social security benefits. The way the system usually works is that an employee will split the cost of social security taxes with their employer. Even if you do not have a boss because you are self-employed you will still be required to pay these taxes. You are going to be able to spot this social security tax on your paycheck stubs as FICA (Federal Contributions Act). FICA along with the social security and Medicare taxes are what gives the government the funding they need to pay out social security benefits.

If you have decided to file for Social Security Disability in Indianapolis, IN you do not need to hire an attorney right off of the bat. In fact, most people are going to wait to see if their application gets accepted or rejected before they hire an attorney. Believe it or not a Tax Lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from the right law firm would be a skilled and experienced person that could help with filing for disability. A tax lawyer with the right experience would also be able to help you with filing bankruptcy as well.

When you file for disability for the first time you are probably going to get rejected. In fact, statistics show that most first timers get denied when they apply for benefits. The reason you get denied could be because you did not include enough information, you filed something out wrong, you do not qualify for disability, or there could not be a reason at all.

Once you get that rejection letter in the mail that is when you want to go to a lawyer and see if they will help you with an appeal. The first thing the lawyer will do is look over your documents and information in order to make sure they think you qualify for disability. Then, they will help you proceed with the appeal if they think that the rejection was unjust.

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