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Why Hire Criminal Attorneys in Mt. Versnon, WA for Drug Charges?

When a person is charged with a drug crime, it is important to consider hiring criminal attorneys in Mt. Vernon, WA. In the United States, the punishment for getting convicted of drug crimes can be quite harsh with large fines and long periods of incarceration in prison. Many prosecutors are so intent on punishment that they will add extra criminal charges such as drug trafficking to maximize the time that the defendant will spend behind bars and to get an advantage in plea bargaining negotiations. If a defendant charged with a drug crime does nothing, he or she should not expect a light sentence. In most instances, legal counsel is necessary to minimize the time in prison. In some instances, it may be possible to get the drug charges dropped or to get an acquittal. That is why it is usually best for defendants charged with a drug crime to hire legal counsel such as the Law Office of Mark E. Bratlien.

There are a number of ways for Criminal Attorneys in Mt. Vernon, WA can help clients charged with drug crimes. First of all, defense lawyers will take a look at the search and seizure process to make sure it was legal. If there was insufficient probable cause for the police search, the evidence that was found during the search may be excluded by the judge if convinced by defense lawyers. If a search warrant was issued, defense attorneys will check to make sure that the reasons for issuing the search warrant were valid. If they were not, the search may be ruled illegal.

The state also needs to prove that the defendant actually possessed the illegal drugs. If the defendant did not admit to possessing the drugs and the drugs were found outside of the defendant’s clothing and bags, it may be difficult for the prosecutor to prove the case. For example, drugs that are hidden in the passenger seats may have been hidden by another party. The state has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If a drug case is this weak, it may be possible for defense lawyers to get a favorable plea deal. Another option would be to go to a jury trial.