Hire a Criminal Law Attorney in West Palm Beach to Dispute DUI Charges Jun06


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Hire a Criminal Law Attorney in West Palm Beach to Dispute DUI Charges

Being pulled over for driving under the influence can have serious consequences, so even if you have been drinking, you shouldn’t admit to it until consulting with an attorney. While you may think that the police have an open and shut case, a criminal law attorney can possibly get your charges reduced or dismissed. Here is the best way to fight against DUI charges.

Fighting DUI Charges

When you’re stopped for a DUI in Florida, there are certain procedures that must be strictly followed by the police, or the charges could be dismissed. If you are going to be arrested, the police officer will place you in handcuffs and inform you that you’re being charged with driving under the influence.

Once you arrive at the county jail, you will be offered a breath test. You will be read an implied consent, which informs you that if you refuse to take the breath test, your driver’s license will be suspended for a certain amount of time. After you take the breath test, you will either be arrested if the reading is .08 or higher, or go through the booking process.

Sometimes you may be given a urine test to check for drug use and then put in jail for at least eight hours. If these procedures are not adhered to properly, then an experienced criminal law attorney in West Palm Beach may be able to get the charges dropped, even if the breath test shows you were over the legal limit.

Getting Released from Jail

After you’ve been processed and held in jail for at least eight hours, you may be released by paying a small bond if certain conditions are met. Once you have been released, you need to consult with an experienced criminal law attorney so they can review your case.