Healthy and Shiny Teeth from You’re cleaning by a Naperville Dentist Apr03


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Healthy and Shiny Teeth from You’re cleaning by a Naperville Dentist

A typical dentist appointment usually includes an examination of your teeth and a cleaning. However, do you really know what’s involved with a cleaning? Here are a few details to keep in mind before going to your dentist.


When you arrive for your dental cleaning, the first thing that is usually done is an exam. The hygienist will look at your teeth before the dentist does a careful examination to see if there are any cavities or other issues that need to be addressed. As a part of teeth cleaning Naperville dentist, you’ll usually be screened for oral cancer as well. This typically involves your dentist looking for any signs of an infection or any areas that could indicate that a tumor is present.

The Removal Process

Before your teeth are cleaned, the hygienist will work to scrape off any tartar and plaque. This will allow for the fluoride treatment used as well as the toothpaste to get into the teeth a bit better than if there was a significant amount of buildup.


The cleaning process often involves using a toothpaste that has a gritty texture. An electric brush is used during teeth cleaning in Naperville so that it can quickly remove any bacteria and plaque left behind from scraping. You can usually choose the flavor that you want instead of getting a plain toothpaste that might not taste all that pleasant. Before leaving the office, you can schedule your next cleaning, which is usually about six months later. Contact Naperville Commons Dental at for more information about what to expect at your dental appointment.

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