Happy Feet: Signs You Might Need Ankle Care as Soon as Possible

Ankle pain can happen for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, all you need to do is apply some ice to help the pain go down, and maybe you just need to keep the weight off while it heals, but the following signs will tell you when it’s time to talk to an expert for ankle pain in Plainfield.

Severe Pain

If the pain is severe, then you shouldn’t wait to see an expert for ankle pain in Plainfield. There’s no reason to wait at this point. Plus, the sooner a foot doctor examines the ankle, the better you’ll feel. If there’s an injury, care is more effective when the injury is detected early.

Signs of Infection

Any type of growth or discoloration could be a sign of infection. If you notice this after an injury, it’s important to go to a foot doctor as soon as possible. Infections could be dangerous, so don’t hesitate to call your foot doctor.

Persistent Swelling

If the swelling doesn’t go down after a day or two, then you want to worry. Sometimes, the area is going to feel warm to the touch as well. If you notice either of these things happening, then you need to talk to your foot doctor as soon as you can. With this type of swelling, your pain won’t go away. That’s not a good thing, so don’t wait.

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