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Handling Animal Emergencies Before Going To The Pet Hospital In Fort Bend County

Cat and dog owners want what’s best for their pets and when an animal becomes ill, a trip to a Pet Hospital Fort Bend County area veterinarian is necessary. Pet owners who can identify the signs of a medical emergency can quickly get the help that’s needed for their pets. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn what pet owners should do when they have a pet emergency.

Q.) How does a pet owner know if an animal needs emergency vet care?

A.) If an animal has a traumatic injury, a pet owner should rush the animal to a pet hospital as quickly as possible. Even if the animal isn’t bleeding or there isn’t any type of wound that can be seen, it’s still necessary to take the animal to see a veterinarian. The animal could have a broken bone or an internal injury that needs immediate treatment. In addition to trauma injuries, animals that have serious symptoms such as bloody stool, vomiting, rapid breathing or seizures need medical treatment immediately.

Q.) What should pet owners do until they can get the animal to a pet hospital?

A.) Pet owners should stay calm and keep the injured or sick animal as calm as possible too. Animals can detect when their owners are stressed and this causes them to become anxious as well. If the animal is losing blood, apply pressure to the area to help control the flow of blood. If the animal is unable to walk, use care and caution when placing the animal in a vehicle. Pet owners who need to lift a large dog into a vehicle should place the animal on a sheet and with the help of another person, they should carry the sheet like a stretcher. As soon as you realize that your pet has a medical emergency, contact a Pet Hospital Fort Bend County area veterinarian. Depending on the condition of the pet, the veterinarian can give you instructions about what to do until you can get the pet to the animal hospital.

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