Handing The Plaques Over

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Awards

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You will probably see hundreds of commemorative signs and plaques in Columbus, OH, honoring hundreds of people who were born there and achieved something important, or lived there and were known for something vitally important to the community or the country. Prior to being known by the name of Columbus, the area was called Ohio Country and was a part of the French Empire. Consistently sandwiched between the warring factions of the Native Americans and the Europeans, Ohio country suffered constant beatings from up until the Treaty of Paris in 1763, when the land was finally ceded to the British Empire.

After achieving ‘statehood’ in 1803 the state capital was moved to Zanesville from Chillicothe, going back and forth twice. This was due to the infighting that the main political leaders were busy engaging in. Finally, to settle the squabble the city of Columbus was chosen-owing to its central location-as the new capital and remains so today.

Notability and Recognition for a Job Well Done

The city is notable for being home to many attractions, national treasures and artistic interests, as well as notable people. Majel Barrett-the well-known and recognized voice of the computer on the Starship Enterprise under both Captain James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard-was born in Columbus, Ohio, as were singers, Joe Walsh and Dwight Yoakam and ‘The Waltons’ actor, Philip Michael Thomas.

There are many businesses in the Columbus area, and they probably give awards to their corporate workers and offices. An award for service to the business is a great honor for both the employee and the company. It is an expression of the gratitude that the employer has for their worker and a show of appreciation for the effort they clearly put into their work over the course of a year or a lifetime. Many businesses offer award for length of service, while others like to thank their employees for bringing a certain amount of revenue to the company, conducting a service above and beyond the call of duty or for something outstanding and unexpected. The feeling of receiving that kind of recognition is a wonderful feeling of achievement and a sense of belonging in the job you are doing. Click here for more details.

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