Guide to Using a Bail Bondsman in Del City Feb12


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Guide to Using a Bail Bondsman in Del City

When a loved one is arrested, it is a scary time, especially when nothing like this has ever happened before. What are the first things to do to help get that loved one out of jail? A Bail Bondsman in Del City can assist. Below are some frequently asked questions about bail bonds and the process.

What is a Bail Bondsman?

A Bail Bondsman offers assistance for those who want to bail their loved one out of jail but lack the available funds. The Bail Bondsman will pay the bail amount to the court for a percentage fee, around 10%. They will also require some type of collateral to help secure the bail amount in case the defendant does not meet their court obligations.

What is Collateral?

Since the bail bond company is receiving only a small percentage of the bail amount as a fee, they have a substantial risk of losing a sizable amount of money if the defendant fails to return to court for all of their obligations. If a defendant does fail to return to court, they will attempt to send a bounty hunter to locate them, but in case they are unsuccessful, they would lose the money deposited with the court. They would then take possession of whatever assets they required as collateral to help recover some of those losses. The specific items will vary based on the amount of the bail and the bail bond company’s policies, but collateral can be real estate, vehicles, jewelry, or other assets.

How to Find a Bail Bondsman

People can be particularly vulnerable after a loved one has been arrested. Some even fall for a scam where a person poses as a bail bondsman, takes their money, and then keeps it instead of posting bail for their loved one. Instead of choosing just anybody claiming a good deal, be sure to choose a bail bond company that is well-established in the area. Look for a Bail Bondsman in Del City that offers 24 hour Available Service so they can help any time of the day or night. A local lawyer may be able to offer a recommendation about a reputable bail bonding company.

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