How to Guide to Custom Aluminum Cross-Sections

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Business

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If you’re working with aluminum then you know how useful of a material it is. The properties for this element are wide, and ideal for many uses. However, sometime when it comes to creating more intricate parts, such as cross sections for your project, you can struggle to find the right techniques to get the desired outcome. It is not impossible to create them by hand, or simply find another way around the task, however. If your project needs cross-sections, then why cheat? Use what you need and do not be scared off by the first complicated impression of the task at hand. It is possible using tools found in workshops and metal mills to begin the process of aluminum extrusion, but you need to know how to do it.

First, what Exactly is Aluminum Extrusion?
Aluminum extrusion suppliers will tell you that this is a process in which the extrusion technique of manipulating the material, in this case aluminum alloy, though a die to create the desired definitive aluminum object cross-section. This technique has a number of applications and makes great use of aluminums malleable nature and impressive strength.

How Is This Done?
Firstly, most professionals would recommend a DIY enthusiast not try this technique by themselves. You should always work with a professional for this type of work. Here is a quick guide on how it is done:

First, a die needs to be created, then you heat a billet of aluminum to somewhere between 800 F and 925 F. The aluminum is transferred to a loader and professionals would add a non-stick lubricant at this point. Very high pressure is then applied to a dummy block, pushing the aluminum alloy through the die helping it take shape. This is when the extruded aluminum will come out the other side, so it is important to have a cooling station ready to cool the new aluminum extrusion.

Once cooled, the extrusion is moved to a work table to straighten and harden the metal. Once straightened and hardened, the extrusion can be cut to required lengths. Finally the aluminum is treated in an age oven with heat to age the metal, which will effectively harden you metal even further.

This is a very dangerous process and needs a large open work space with specific machinery. Aluminum extrusion suppliers make light work of this process. Contact a supplier in your area and get the perfect aluminum for your project.

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