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What Is GPS Fleet Tracking & Would You Want It?


First of all, we are not talking about keeping tabs on a fleet of GPS devices; what we mean is using GPS to locate and follow a fleet of motorized vehicles – this can be anything from passenger and public service vehicles to giant trailer trucks. If your job is to manage the smooth operation of any number of vehicles; you definitely should want to know where any one of them is at any time of the day – which is exactly what GPS Fleet Tracking can do for you.


GPS is fast becoming an everyday feature of many people’s lives. The cute little screen in your car that you feed coordinates into and then it shows you a series of route maps while talking to you (often in a very nice female voice) relies on GPS – as do all those map ”aps” for your smart phone or tablet.

I guess we all know that the letters GPS stand for “Global Positioning System” and, probably that is all most of us care to know –“if it works, I don’t really need to know how it works” is a lot of people’s attitude to many of today’s electronic “gizmos”. Actually, like many other “wonder” devices, GPS grew out of military needs and space exploration? GPS is a satellite based navigation system originating from the Navy in the ‘60’s; but, it wasn’t till nearly the turn of the century that there were sufficient satellites and public access to their signals for GPS to become a widespread public navigation tool. In a nutshell, the GPS device picks up satellite signals from which it can determine its own position on the ground (as latitude and longitude).


A standard GPS device attached to a vehicle is great for telling the driver where he is and help him to get to his desired destination; but, that’s not much help to anyone else – especially the owner of the vehicle back at Head Office. For GPS Fleet Tracking system, the location information has to be recorded in the device and then, usually instantly, transmitted by wifi to an internet-connected computer in the fleet management office. Transmission can also be by, mobile phone (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the vehicle’s GPS unit. Mapping or other tracking software then converts the basic navigation data onto a map backdrop for ease of understanding.

To find out more about how GPS Fleet Tracking can assist your transportation business, you should contact Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC on 631-586-7400. Alternatively, browse their website at for full details.