Where Do You Go For Photo Prints In St. Augustine Florida?

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Business

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It is hard to remember that it was not all that long ago that we only had two choices when it came to seeing any photograph. We either had to have a positive print processed from the negative or the negative had to be turned into a slide. Since all photos were taken on film, laboratories were needed to process the film into something that we could look at (even a self printing cameras like Polaroid basically used film). Towards the near demise of photographic film compact machines were invented that could quickly develop the shots on a negative roll into handy sized prints but you still needed to visit a processing shop and hand in your film to have it developed. Should you then decide that you wished for a larger version of the picture, obtaining an enlargement bigger than a standard portrait frame was a quite expensive and time consuming affair.

Today, very few people take photographs on film – in fact, we may have reached the point where most photographs are not even taken with cameras (thanks to the ubiquitous mobile phones with a built in digital camera or two). More and more photos are being taken but how do most of us view them? Probably most pictures are viewed on screens – directly on the phone or transferred to a larger computer; you can even view your photos on your TV.

However, every now and then, we either take or come across a photograph that we would like to have in hard copy as a print; so, how do we get your Photo Prints In St. Augustine. For simple hand held prints, the answer is still a digital one. We purchase some special paper for our home computer printer; open the file and then print out a copy. If we don’t have a printer there are shops that we can take our files to and have the pictures printed there.

Really Big Enlargements
Even digital enlargements are still a little harder to arrange than hand held photos but nowhere near as problematical or expensive as in the heyday of photographic film. Whether it is your favourite scenic photo that you would like blown up to several feet in size so that you can hang it on the wall in your den or a six feet high picture of a product that you need to advertise; professional computer printing shops can now easily provide you with such large Photo Prints In St. Augustine at a reasonable cost.

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