Getting Your License To Practice Cosmetology

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Beauty Salon and Products

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A cosmetology school in Sacramento prepares you to sit the licensing exam to practice as a cosmetologist. The exam is given by the state licensing board after successful completion of practical training, once licensed; a person can work in salons in the state. To obtain this necessary document you must meet the requirements that have been determined by the state, in general you will not be granted a license unless you have graduated from a cosmetology school in Sacramento.

The accredited cosmetology school is fully equipped and prepared to train their students and prepare them for the board exam. Over a nine month minimum period the student has been exposed to classroom education and hands-on training in all the skills that are expected. A licensed cosmetologist must be adept at hair cutting, styling, coloring as a minimum and in many cases the student will have gone on to gain skills in extensions, the application of hot wax and even African braiding. As well as hair, the well rounded beautician will have received extensive training in facials, the choice and application of makeup, manicure and pedicure and perhaps the removal of unwanted body hair.

The training takes place in the classroom but the bulk of the training is practical. The first “students” are wigs and mannequins, then the students will work on each other and towards the end of the course they will work on the general public as there are many people who rely on cosmetology schools for discounted but high quality services.

Once the student has satisfactorily completed the minimum hours specified by the state, he or she can sit the board examination. The exam is both written and practical and the witnesses are state examiners, you will either pass their critical review or be asked to set the exam again. When you successfully pass the exam, you will be required to pay a fee and your license will be granted.

Getting a license is not a “one time deal”, as a licensed cosmetologist you are expected to take continuing education courses which keep you abreast of all the changes that take place in the business. Without fulfilling this expectation, you may be denied renewal until you have taken the courses.

Cosmetology schools in Sacramento will prepare you for successfully sitting the state licensing exam. To ensure success you should go to the best school; Paul Mitchell the school Sacramento.

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