Getting the Right Sports Injury Treatment in Tuscon, AZ to Return to Play

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Pain Management

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What is a sports injury, and how is it different from other types of injuries is a difficult question to answer. The issue of a sports injury needs to be addressed by a specialist in sports medicine or pain management.

Specialist treatments are available to help improve the options for treating a sports injury. Explore the benefits of sports injury treatment in Tucson, AZ, and how treatment plans are tailored to the individual.

What Is a Sports Injury?

A sports injury occurs during a practice or game associated with a sport. Common sporting injuries include overuse, direct impact, and application of force injuries. Within these different types of sports injuries are two options, which are acute and chronic injuries. Acute injuries include those occurring suddenly, such as a strain or sprain. A chronic sports injury is caused by overuse of muscle groups and joints.

Sports Injuries and How Is It Different From Other Types of Injuries?

How does a sports injury differ from a different form of injury? The first thing to know is that specialization in a single sport increases the risk of injury to double that of non-specialized athletes. Most injuries away from the sporting sector are caused by impact or accidents. Sporting injuries are commonly seen as overuse issues, with poor technique and overuse the common causes of chronic injuries.

The sports injury sector is vast and growing as more is learned about these issues. To learn more about sports injury treatment in Tucson AZ, contact QC Kinetix (Academy). View Testimonials.

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