Getting Help With Family Counseling In Puyallup, WA

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Articles

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The family structure can be torn apart by many different things. That is because something that affects one member, affects all. For example, abusive family members often attack their spouse or children. Family therapy may be the answer to these problems. This therapy offers counseling to help family members talk to each other and resolve conflicts. Family Counseling in Puyallup WA is provided by a psychologist, social worker or licensed therapist. Family counseling works best if everyone participates. In addition, the treatment plan often depends on the situation. Counseling helps troubled relationships between spouses, children and other family members. Families face stress from a variety of sources including:

* marital issues

* financial problems

* substance abuse

* mental illness

* conflicts between parents and children

Substance abuse is particularly hard on families. Children may lose faith in a parent that has an alcohol problem. That’s because alcoholics are often unreliable which makes children insecure. Often resentment and anger create tension between the alcoholic and loved ones. Additionally, substance abuse also leads to role reversals. Children may have to play a greater role in providing for their needs. Indeed, they find themselves acting as an adult and not having time to enjoy their childhood. As a result, children act out because they do not know what behavior is appropriate anymore.

Research shows that fifty to seventy percent of men who assault their wives also abuse their children. In fact, children are 1,500 times more likely to be abused in homes where partner abuse occurs. Family Counseling in Puyallup WA, can help improve abuse situations. Couples therapy is not recommended until the abusive spouse gets help. Anger management therapy helps abusers learn new ways to deal with their anger. Abusive people need to focus on learning their triggers and the source of the anger. Indeed, individuals have to control their behavior before building bridges with their family. It is a good idea for children who have witnessed violence to seek counseling. They are able to talk about their feelings in a safe environment. Struggling families need to get help with their issues so they begin to enjoy life again.

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