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Getting DWI Insurance in Lynnwood

Many motorists who have been convicted of driving under the influence find that it is difficult to get auto insurance. As a result of the DUI conviction, many drivers find that their insurers are no longer willing to renew policies. Without car insurance, it will not be possible to drive a car or to maintain a driver’s license. The inability to drive a car may make it difficult or impossible to go to work or school. Although car insurance for those with DWI convictions will be more expensive, it’s often better than losing a job due to not being able to drive to work. That is why it is important for many to secure DWI Insurance Lynnwood.

At SAV-ON Insurance Agencies, drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence can get car insurance coverage. Of course, the cost of auto insurance is going to be higher than for a person who has a perfect driving record. However, it is still possible to find insurers who are willing to take a chance on motorists with a DWI conviction. When a person convicted of driving under the influence is getting insurance, it is necessary for the insurer to file an SR-22 form in order to inform the state that the driver has sufficient insurance to meet minimum financial liability requirements. Because there may be delays in filing with the state, it is a good idea to start the process of purchasing insurance in advance.

When it is time to renew the insurance, it is important to pay for the renewal in advance of the expiration date of the old policy. If the SR-22 form is not submitted in time, the state may suspend driving privileges while waiting for proof of insurance. If the policy is being paid in installments, it is very important to make timely payments since the insurer has to inform the state if a policy is not going to be renewed in a timely manner. A payment that is close to the due date may still result in a driver’s license suspension. That is why it best to pay for SR-22 auto insurance early upon initial policy issuance and upon every subsequent payment due date. Browse website for more information!