Getting Child Custody Sierra Vista Support

by | May 16, 2013 | Law

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When a couple decides to bring a child, or children, into the world, they usually do not think about what could happen in the future. Sometimes happily ever after ends up with the parents going off in their own direction, and the kids being assigned custody to one parent. The parent with custody finds themselves paying all of the bills two parents normally pay, but without the second paycheck of the other parent. This is where Child custody Sierra Vista comes in handy.

Kids cost a lot of money. Formula and diapers alone are over a hundred dollars per month. Clothes, shoes, shots, doctor’s visits, toys, books, and more can easily make it impossible for one parent to make ends meet all on their own. A single parent deserves child support for their kids, even if the other parent is out of the picture. This money is for the kids and their expenses, including their portion of rent and utilities. A professional child custody lawyers Sierra Vista can make sure that the parent without custody pays their fair share, so that the parent raising the kids full time can give the kids everything that they need.

Child custody Sierra Vista amounts can vary greatly. The amount is based on the number of kids, and the current income of the parents. The mediator or judge will look at the family’s unique situation, and determine an amount that is fair to both parties. This number can change in the future as the needs of the children change, or as the income of the parents change.

If the child, or children, switch custody and go to the other parent, the child support can be stopped altogether or reversed. It is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible, because teh process can take a long time from start to finish. It may be months before any child support is sent, so see a professional now as who knows what the financial situation will be like while waiting for the financial assistance to be approved and start. Remember that some help, even a little money each month, is better than no help at all, and that your kids deserve support.

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