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Get Your Brand Out There with Local SEO

Since the creation of the first search engines, businesses utilized the internet to build their customer base and increase their online foot traffic. Local SEO companies came to life to create an easy, cost-effective means to do just that. With the creation of SEO, the way business is marketed was completely revolutionized. More than 97% of American consumers access the Internet on a daily basis from their smart devices. In this modern time of online celebrities and social networking trends, it is in a business’s best interest to take advantage of SEO companies.

What is SEO

Local SEO, or search engine optimization, service is a process created to place a business at the top of a search engine using keywords. Recent statistics show that more than 70% of organic clicks come from the top five search results, and over 36% of all organic clicks go to the top result. Imagine just for a moment the enormous and instant increase in revenue if your business were to be even one of those top-five results. It is for this reason that SEO services are so important, and why so many businesses decided to hire SEO companies this year.

Why Hire a Third Party

SEO companies understand which keywords are most effective, and they do the heavy lifting for you. Google alone changes its algorithms hundreds of times in a single year, and they make sure to stay on top of these changes to keep your business at the top results. With pay per click advertising also available, even the newest and smallest of businesses have a chance to take advantage of this opportunity.

Local SEO is not only guaranteed to increase your online foot traffic, but you stand to save money in the long run on advertising. Traditional advertising is expensive and is not as reliable as online advertising. Therefore, a clever business would look online before it spends money elsewhere.

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