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Get a Smoke Effect on Your Vehicles Paint Job with Plasti Dip

Cars that have a smoke effect where their paint gradually grows darker are using a rubber coating called Plastidip Smoke. Plasti Dip Smoke is meant to be used over other colors of Plasti Dip to give the translucent look of ‘smoke’. You can give your vehicle this cool effect when you apply Plastidip smoke, no priming is necessary either. Just simply apply to a clean surface and let it dry. The more coats you add, the darker the effect can be. For a durable veneer, make sure you apply four to five coats. This allows you to peel it off easier too. That is right; you can peel off Plasti Dip too. Think of the possibilities that come with being able to change the way the exterior of your car looks with easy application, and a peeling option to take if off when you are ready.

Plasti Dip Does Not Crack

When you use Plasti Dip you are applying a rubber coating that is stretchy and flexible, and will not crack. It has been tested in environments that range from –30 to +200°F. If you are bored with the paint job that is currently on your vehicle, consider giving it a smoke job and take it beyond the mundane into the extraordinary. Plasti Dip Smoke allows you to add a light gray to a paint job to give it a smoky effect. You can keep adding layers until it becomes charcoal black too. If you do not like the effect, or you added one layer too many, you can simply peel it off and try again!

Protect Your Car While Making It Look Smoking Hot

Plasti Dip takes approximately twenty-four hours to dry, and dries with a satin finish. While a satin finish is considered to be beautiful, some people may prefer a glossy shine. Plasti Dip also has the option to add a glossy top coat when you purchase that type of Plasti Dip in addition to the Smoke aerosol. Plasti Dip is the perfect coating for cars that also resists a lot of household chemicals, acids and alkaline. Since it is also salt resistant, Plasti Dip is the perfect solution that not only makes your car look outstanding; it helps protect it from pavement that is covered with salt during the winter.