Get Reliable AC Service And Repair In Branford, CT

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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As many Branford residents know, keeping your air and heating equipment running properly throughout the year can be a hassle. Your air conditioner alone can take a hit to its performance just from merely staying turned off during the colder months. It’s advised by many air and heating contractors to run your air conditioners at least once or twice a week during the colder months of winter, just to keep their components used to running under normal conditions. This helps keep the unit from having mechanical issues from the colder weather conditions, and also helps prevent the toll that weather conditions can have on some of the more sensitive parts of the unit.

To really combat the inevitable downtime that colder winter months can force on your air conditioning equipment, having regularly scheduled ac service and repair in Branford CT can help you keep your unit checked out on a regular basis to prevent problems from occurring or increasing in severity. One of the major causes of air conditioning failure is a lack of care by their owners. Many homeowners neglect their appliances until the moment they actually stop working properly. Then they usually take their time to get someone out to look at them. Not only does this cause their cost of repairs to increase the longer they wait, it also lets problems persist and increase in their severity as well. Calling in a contractor quickly is always the key to successfully stopping a problem before it breaks your air conditioner, and more importantly before it breaks your wallet. Having regular servicing throughout the year is a better way of stopping it altogether, by preventing problems from ever increasing in severity and stopping them in their tracks.

When your air conditioner is operating, it’s a good idea to know what to look for when it starts to experience problems. Clogs and electrical issues are some of the most common that would cause you to seek out help for ac service and repair in Branford CT. Electrical issues can be spotted by their audible pops and sizzling noises that they make, usually when the condenser kicks on or the unit begins to operate. Clogs can usually be smelled before they’re ever seen, usually having a musty odor. Some clogs around fans will cause the fan to make a constant noise as it spins.

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