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Get the Perfect Smile with Invisalign

Do you enjoy laughing and smiling, but are quick to cover your mouth because of your teeth? Are your teeth crooked or misshaped? If you answered yes to either of these questions then there is a dental solution for you. You can get the perfect smile with Invisalign in Encino. The Invisalign system gets results by utilizing clear aligners to shift your teeth with controlled force, similar to the way the standard metal braces do. So, instead of having metal brackets in your mouth that can be noticeable, you now have the opportunity to have clear braces that are hardly noticed by anyone.

Invisalign Procedure

As an adult your mouth is done growing. Therefore, it is faster and easier to move your teeth into the correct position they are supposed to be in. With Invisalign you now can have straight teeth within 6 to 12 months. The great option you have with the Invisalign treatment is you can wear the aligners all day and when it comes time to eat, brush and floss your teeth you can take the aligners off. You will wear each set of aligners for around 2 weeks. During this time the aligners will gradually reposition your teeth.

Various Benefits of Invisalign

There are various benefits of Invisalign. Since the aligners are detachable it makes brushing and flossing a lot easier considering the fact that you don’t have to navigate in between wires and brackets. This allows your teeth and gums to be healthy because you are less likely to accumulate buildup of plaque which can possibly lead to gingivitis. The Invisalign procedure strengthens your oral health, since widely overcrowded or spaced teeth may cause your gums to become puffy and red. So, with Invisalign not only do you get straight teeth but also a beautiful smile.