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Get Immediate Care After an Auto Accident in Oklahoma City

If you are hurt in an auto accident, EMS will take you to the hospital if necessary. However, not all accidents necessitate a trip to the hospital, nor do they result in pain and discomfort. In many cases, those involved in accidents don’t know they’ve been hurt-;the body responds to stress and pain by producing endorphins, which mask the pain until reality sinks in. Here, we will explain why it’s so important to get medical care after an auto accident in Oklahoma City, for the sake of your health and for any future legal claims.

See Your Doctor if you Have any Symptoms

Many personal injury lawyers can tell you about clients who didn’t feel any pain right after the accident-;but woke up stiff and sore the next morning. These stories are very believable; it can take hours, days or even weeks for pain and injury to manifest itself. If you feel symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, pain or numbness after an accident-;even if it’s been a few days-;get help right away.

Get Follow-up Care Until you get the All-Clear

After you’ve received a medical diagnosis and your doctor has begun treating you, continue your treatments until your doctor says it’s OK to stop. There are two reasons why you should finish your course of treatment: your doctor can tell you how badly you’re hurt, and they can document your injuries and manner of treatment (which will help you if you need to make a personal injury claim).

Review your Records

If you are getting treatment for injuries sustained in an auto accident in Oklahoma City, you should get a copy of your medical records. Read them thoroughly, and ask your physician to correct any errors. Pay attention to the way your accident is described, as defense lawyers and the other driver’s insurance company will use mistakes to prove their case.

You should also ensure that your medical history is accurately listed. If your doctor has written that you suffer from chronic neck problems, but your injury only happened after the accident, you should have the entry corrected. Defense attorneys look at claimants’ medical histories to find pre-existing conditions, which can be cited as a cause of current symptoms. It’s important to ensure the accuracy of your medical history, to give your claim the best chance of success.