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Get Hot – But Not Bothered – With Pipe Burners

They say that “watched pots never boil” and it is certainly frustrating to be sitting around waiting for something to get hot enough for us to use it (even if it is only a pot of coffee on the range). Likewise, if we have invested in a state of the art, deluxe model gas fired barbeque grill so that we can have regular “cook outs” in our back yard. Everyone is there and all are hungry; but, the steaks are taking forever to cook.

The first example is probably nothing more than human nature and impatience but the latter could well be due to some kind of malfunction in the BBQ itself. Either in the gas supply (is the tank empty; did you forget to open the supply valve?); or, in the burners that provide the heat to cook your steak.

Gas Grill Burners

In most gas grills, the burners are hollow pipes with gas inlet “ports” and outlet holes drilled into the pipe. The amount of gas entering the burner is controlled by a valve; the gas is mixed with air in Venturi tubes so as to provide the correct air to gas ratio when the mixture “escapes” through the holes and is set alight. Such burners are called “Tube”, “Rail” or “Pipe Burners” and they are usually straight since they only heat one part of the grill. As a humorous but still serious aside; better models will include a metal wire screen over the fresh air intakes; so as to keep spiders from blocking the tubes with their nests!

If your steaks are taking forever to cook and your gas supply is OK and turned on; you need to ask yourself – “when did I last inspect, clean, repair or replace my Pipe Burners”? A few blocked holes and you might go hungry for a long time and get very hot and bothered in the process!

Maintain Your Pipe Burners & They Will Serve You Well

Of course, Pipe Burners have countless other applications besides BBQ grills. They are used for any sort of process that requires a gas flame to apply heat. Examples can include:-

  • Gas fired domestic imitation fireplaces.

  • Metal melting equipment.

  • Heat treating furnaces.

  • Pizza ovens

  • And many, many more.

Properly selected and well maintained Pipe Burners will provide high heat, where you want it and when you want it.