Funeral Homes in Pasadena are Here For You In Times of Need

by | Jun 5, 2013 | Funeral

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Many people would prefer not to think of funeral homes and the services they provide until the minute that they are needed. There are some people who prefer to make advance arrangements. No matter which your preference, Funeral homes in Pasadena are here with a very caring staff to help you with your plans. No matter whether you want to do pre-arrangement or arrangement at the time of the death, there are some things you might want to think about.

Many people list an obituary in the local newspaper. Some are quite brief. Others are extensive, listing parents, brothers and sisters and in-laws, children and number of grandchildren. Family members can become hurt very quickly if you listed all but one subling and forgot to name one. Make sure you know names of everyone, or it might be best to pass on listing any names.

The Funeral homes in Pasadena will request that you will bring in a full set of clothing for the deceased, including shoes and socks, underwear, etc. They will ask for a picture of the deceased to make him/her look as much as normal as possible. You will have to decide if you want to purchase flowers for the casket or urn in case of cremation. You will need to make a decision on what clergy person you would like to perform the funeral service and the burial (committal) service at the cemetery. If you do not have any connection with a clergy person, the Funeral homes in Pasadena will be happy to refer you to someone of your faith, or that of the deceased. They are quite familiar with the clergy in town

If you would like a member of the family to do the eulogy, you need to have given some thought ahead of time about that. Also, it is tradition for the family to provide six pall bearers if you are using a casket to carry the casket after the funeral. You will need some time to arrange for that. If the deceased was active in his/her church and you would like for the funeral service to be held in the church instead of the funeral home, you will need to work with the Funeral homes in Pasadena as well as an official from the church. Finally, a funeral is quite expensive, what is the financial situation of the deceased or how will you pay for it?

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