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Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Recycling in NJ

If you have junk metal taking up room in your garage or littering your property, consider selling it for scrap. When you take your scrap metal to a company that specializes in Metal Recycling in NJ, you’ll get paid the same day. If selling scrap metal sounds interesting to you, read the frequently asked questions below to learn more.

Q.) What types of scrap metal does a metal recycling service buy?

A.) A scrap metal recycling center will buy stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, tin, and lead. The price paid for each type of metal will vary depending on the current market price. There’s a bigger demand for some types of scrap, such as copper, so it brings a better price than other types of metals, such as aluminum.

Q.) What is the correct procedure for taking scrap to a metal recycling company?

A.) If you have different types of scrap metal, separate them before taking them to the recycling center. After placing each type of metal into its own container, sort the clean metal from the dirty metal. To make the most money from your scrap metal, it’s important that you do this step because clean metal is worth more than dirty metal. If any of your metal is rusty, muddy or has another type of metal soldered or attached to it, it’s classified as dirty metal. If you don’t take the time to sort your scrap, and you have the clean metal and the dirty metal mixed together, you’ll get the lower price of the dirty metal for the entire lot.

Q.) What happens at the metal recycling center when scrap is brought in?

A.) When you take the scrap metal to a business that specializes in Metal Recycling in NJ, the employees will weigh each type of scrap metal that your bring in. After it’s all weighed, you’ll receive a certain price for each type of metal that you’ve collected. The total price is based on the weight of your metal and the market value of the scrap.

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