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Four Great Outbound Marketing Tactics That Work to Generate Sales Leads

In many cases, outbound strategies can make your company stand out. It is through good outbound marketing fulfillment services that your company achieves that “wow” factor. As a result, employing the right techniques can send good leads down your sales funnel faster. Here are four ways that you can initiate a conversation so good leads receive messages that your company has the best offer.

Publish Content on Third-Party Sites

Content is still king as the main fuel for lead generation efforts. However, putting content on your website is the first step. If no one reads it, even brilliantly written content becomes ineffective. The answer is content syndication. This strategy helps to ensure thousands, or even millions of potential leads, see it. Typically, content syndication can be paid and nonpaid efforts where different websites host your content.

Direct Mail Still Works

When combined with other outbound marketing efforts, direct mail can be highly effective. For example, you can send promotional materials to reach and engage the target audience. Keep your focus on sending creatively targeted communications. By doing so, you have a good chance of grabbing the attention of a person or entity most likely to buy your products and/or services. Direct mail connects you to leads that have not previously responded to other efforts.

Marketing Special Events

Event marketing proves to be a great way to generate new leads. By engaging directly with customers, you can create lasting relationships. Cross-sell and upsell opportunities expand from events like conferences, webinars, tradeshows and seminars.

Leads are Just the Beginning

Most likely, a group of leads is not ready to buy. To get them to close requires lead scoring and lead nurturing. Scoring identifies where they are on the buyer’s journey. Nurturing helps them take steps towards a purchase.

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