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‘Fore! You Golf, Aerate the Greens: Here’s Why Golf Courses Need Aerating

The golf season has finally arrived. For the dozens of golfing enthusiasts that step foot on your courses this year, be sure to prep the greens so that they are well-manicured and attractive. This includes utilizing golf course aeration equipment to aerate the acres of greens you own and maintain. Here is why you need to aerate before anyone golfs this year.

Aerating Helps Make the Courses Greener

The reason any lawn care maintenance aerates is to encourage more air to get into the soil and make it healthier. Healthier soil, in turn, creates greener grassy areas. On a golf course that is ninety percent grass, you want this perfectly uniform and perfectly green grass of an exact height everywhere. Ergo, aerating the greens will help maintain the appearance of green perfection all over your golf courses.

Aerating With Golf Course Aerating Equipment Is an Easy Step

The traditional lawn aerators are push ahead or tow-behind models. However, these golf course aeration equipment models tend to rip up the ground and leave behind these huge, ugly mud plugs. The aerating equipment designed specifically for golf courses doesn’t do that. This equipment works like a riding mower and just “stabs” the ground rather than ripping it up. Your courses still get the aeration they need without ending up looking like someone took a hatchet to everything. The job is simple, can be done in a single afternoon, and is best done right before you open your courses for the season. Keep this equipment in the maintenance shed.

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