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Focus on your Core with a Functional Training Dumbbell

As with all equipment in a gym, it’s important to know the best ways to get the most from your daily workout. Whether you are using large equipment or smaller handheld tools, the focus is the same; improve your muscle tone without straining or fatiguing your muscle groups. Throughout your workout you may be tempted to reach for the heavier dumbbell and give it a go, but straining or even tearing your muscles is certainly no way to improve your overall fitness. Always stay within your comfortable lifting level since, over the time of your workout, the equipment will feel heavier and heavier as time goes on.

Selecting the Weight and Using it to your Advantage

Depending on the type of functional training dumbbell you are looking for, weights can range from a half-pound to 50 pounds and sometimes more. For core training, you may want to stay around the 8 to 10 pound range. It’s not about the weight itself; instead it’s more about the different muscle groups being worked in new ways to better improve your overall fat burning and body toning abilities. By using a smaller weight for some different exercise moves, you can easily get an entire workout from one single piece of handheld equipment. Your body itself will act as another major piece of equipment which can be used for pushups, planks, lunges and more.

Dumbbell Exercise Routines

While you can do almost anything with a dumbbell and still see and feel results over time, some of the more common exercises include lunges, squats and curls. When you are looking to improve the core, utilizing exercises which demand balance are an excellent choice. Planks on the floor keeping a neutral spine and using the dumbbell during a row can improve the muscle groups along the shoulder, spine and hips. When not focusing on the core, there are dozens of exercises which all have unique benefits for certain muscle groups. You can improve arm and shoulders, legs, back and lumbar, hips, stomach and more. Be sure to set a reasonable goal for yourself and your current physical abilities. Don’t overdo it, no matter how tempting it may be, and over time you will soon start to feel and see immense results. Not only will you start to look more toned and defined, but you will feel more energetic, stronger, and have better balance in everyday situations.

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