Floating Tubes Make Relaxing Out on the Water Extra Special Times Nov11


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Floating Tubes Make Relaxing Out on the Water Extra Special Times

There are few activities in life more relaxing and enjoyable than just luxuriating out on a floating tube, soaking in the hot, welcoming sunshine. And now that this recreational activity on great new tubes has gotten considerably more popular, new and dynamic floating tubes are taking the world of water sport recreation by storm.

The days of dragging that big old inner tube down to the waterfront to float around a bit seem long past now. New, colorful, ultra-modern, and comfortable tubes can be seen on the water everywhere now. And for very good reasons.

Tubes to float around on or ride around on behind a boat range from single-rider size all the way up to 12-rider capacity. So one moment you could be slowly drifting down the lazy river all alone, then turn around and party with about a dozen of your friends on a super floating tube equipped with Bluetooth music and coolers.

Sit back and put your drink in the holder, and relax sol in the large Salon Lounge 1-person tube. Or go with a friend and stretch out in the deluxe Double Salon Lounge. What the heck- if you really want the room to stretch out with one or two other people, hop on a 6′ x 6′ Water Mat. This mat really would be ideal for three riders; maybe stretch out, bring your little cooler aboard, and soak in the sun while enjoying each other’s company.

Check out these floating tubes and a great deal more on WOW World of Watersports. In addition to these tubes, really check out their great selection of river and lake tubes, pool floats and lounges, resorts sports items, and accessories.

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