Flawless Execution Of Social Media Integration In Website Design

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Articles

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Social media is not a trend that’s set to expire anytime soon. Businesses, brands, and individuals rely on social media marketing to increase profits and recognition. This free publicity leads many website owners to rush the design of social media within their site, leaving them with links or icons randomly placed on different pages. The look and feel does not mesh with the rest of the web design, and these marketing tools need a little more stylistic design consideration than using basic icons.

Coordinate Your Social Media Links With Your Web Design

Any website owner from Miami, Florida to Bend, Oregon will tell you that website coordination attracts visitors and keeps people on your page longer. The need to encourage visitors to click on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed is necessary, but if you don’t mesh your website design with your social media marketing, your website could begin to look cluttered and mismatched.

Whether you own a website for a multi-million dollar company or operate a popular blog, the style choices you make can affect the amount of people that repeatedly visit your site. Don’t try to make your website work with the social media links. Make the social media links work with your website.

It’s Not All About Color

If you’ve ever tried to build your own website, you probably spent hours comparing color schemes. Web design isn’t all about the color. Design involves color, but it’s not the only attribute that makes or breaks a good web designer. When creating your website, you will need to consider the centering of your social media logos. Do you want a logo bar on the left or right margins, centered near the top, or in a footer at the bottom? What font should you use? Do you want it to match the font of your website or complement it? How much social media do you want to integrate? Do you actively promote yourself or your company on every available platform, or do you focus on only a couple? Would a call to action using the Twitter logo be better than a whole bar full of social media icons?

As you can see, there are numerous aspects to consider when it comes to integrating social medial links on your website. The key to attract visitors and keep them coming back is flawless execution of social media integration in your web design.

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