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Fixing common plumbing problems

Plumbing is something that looks innocent enough, just a bunch of pipes running from here to there, connected to various fittings that bring you water and gas on demand. This is the norm, however, in many cases things go wrong and you either have to call in plumbers in Port Orchard or attempt to fix the problem yourself.

There is no doubt that professional plumbers in Port Orchard have to be called in when the problem is serious. If you are standing in the basement, up to your knees in water, about the only thing you can do as a householder is to locate the main water supply and shut it off, other than that a pro is needed.

Not all plumbing problems are outside the realm of the average DIY homeowner, there are problems that spring up that can be fixed without having to call in a pro. Doing these little repairs yourself can save a fair amount of money but, be sure you can do the work as any mistakes can end up costing more than had you called a plumber in the first place.

Let’s have a look at a few simple tasks that most people can handle:

1. Low water pressure: You really don’t know the actual water pressure in the lines, what you do know is whether the water is coming out of the taps the way it should. If both the hot and cold water are coming slow then you can almost be sure the problem is a clogged aerator. This is a simple job, simply unscrew it from the kitchen tap and flush the screen free of debris which is usually a bit of calcium which is found in most water.

2. Sink drains slow: In many cases the pop-up sink stopper is plugged with hair and soap scum. Do what the plumbers in Port Orchard do, simply remove the stopper and clean all the debris. This is easy to do as the pop-up is held in place with a clip or perhaps a nut that is located under the sink; once this has been removed the stopper can be completely extracted.

Changing valves and repairing leaks in the piping system may be something else again and it’s usually best to contact plumbers in Port Orchard to do these more complex tasks.

If your problem is more than you can handle then you should call plumbers in Port Orchard. You are invited to contact the trusted source for residential and commercial plumbing in Port Orchard WA.