Fixes for Water Heaters in Holland

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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Residents of Holland, Michigan, as well as nearby cities such as Zeeland and Saugatuck, use water heaters on a daily basis. In order for these residents to take their showers, wash their dishes, and do their laundry, they need to be sure that their water heaters are working correctly. If there is ever an issue with their water heaters, they can call a local plumber to fix it. There are many fixes for Water Heaters in Holland, depending on what the problems are.

Light the Pilot

If a gas water heater is not heating the water at all, it may be because the pilot light is out. There will be a pilot light, just as there is on a stove. In order to get the stove working again, the homeowner simply needs to light a match or take a lighter, and get the pilot light lit. Once it is lit again, it will work correctly. The same thing goes for a water heater.

Change the Rod

If the water becomes rusted, it may be because a new rod is needed. This rod dissolves in order to keep rust from occurring in the water. If rust does occur, it means the rod needs to be replaced. Once it is replaced, the water should be back to normal with no rust.

Replace the Valve

Whenever there is a leak in the water heater, there is a good chance it is due to one of the valves. By replacing the valve where the leak is coming from, it should put a stop to the leak. If that does not work, then the leak is probably coming from the tank itself, meaning the entire water heater needs to be replaced.

All of these fixes can be done by the homeowner. However, those who do not know what they are looking for could end up causing another problem for the heater. Instead of worrying about this, residents of Holland, and nearby cities as well, can contact a plumber to have the job done successfully the first time. Water Heaters in Holland are necessary to everyday life. By contacting a plumber to fix any problem with the heater, it means the heater will be fixed and back to 100% working condition in no time.

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