Finding Relief in a 24-Hour Bail Bond in Hyattsville, MD Apr26


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Finding Relief in a 24-Hour Bail Bond in Hyattsville, MD

Anyone can get arrested somewhere at any given time, and when that happens, the arrested person will be relieved to know there is help available. If the arrest is the first offense for a defendant and it is a minor matter, the defendant will likely be released on personal recognizance. Otherwise, the matter may call for a bail bond agent. An agency that offers 24-hour bail bond in Hyattsville, MD wants potential clients to feel at ease to get help any time, day or night. Here is a look at the situation that calls for bail bond services.

Bail Bond Services in Maryland

When a person is not released upon personal recognizance, the options may be to pay the cash bond, or use a bail bond agency if the cash or property is not on hand. The bail bond agency will charge the defendant a fee of 10 percent to secure the release of the defendant from jail, and may also require some form of collateral, such as expensive jewelry, stocks, or property. The defendant has the responsibility to show up to all court appearances.

More About Bail Bond Services in Maryland

The good thing about bail bond agencies is that the nature of their business almost demands that they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As long as the defendant does what is required by the court system, the collateral offered will be returned at the end of the court case, no matter the outcome. If the defendant does not show up to court, the responsibility falls on the bail bond agency to pay the whole bail, and the bail agency will probably find the defendant to have them returned to jail.

A Bail Bond Agency in Maryland Available at All Times

Many bail bond agencies are available around-the-clock for defendants in need of their services. Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency Inc. is an agency in Hyattsville, Maryland that provides services to clients in need. Anyone looking for an agency that provides 24-hour bail bond in Hyattsville, MD can contact this agency at

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