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Finding Diamond Engagement Rings in New Jersey

It would be difficult to name an item of jewelry that has a more romantic tradition behind it than an engagement ring. Add to this the longing for a sparkling diamond, and you may have one of the most desirable items ever created.

The engagement ring has a long history. It is widely believed that the engagement ring had its origins in Europe. The tradition has expanded to many places from there. Some histories show that if you are looking for diamond engagement rings in New Jersey, you are continuing a tradition that may have started with the word “betrothed,” which came from an Old English word meaning “truth.”

Public Knowledge

It is also believed that wearing a somewhat obvious ring before the actual marriage was a requirement in some cultures. Apparently, there were some who believed that a man and a woman should never be married in secret. The engagement ring was the way their connection was announced to the public. At first, these rings were simple bands. Over time, the bands became a bit more ornate, with engravings and shaping.

Then some creative people began to include different stones, including the diamond. History records that one of the first diamond engagement rings was given in the 15th century, to publicly announce the upcoming marriage. As more diamond sources were discovered, companies began mining them in earnest, for the purpose of creating jewelry people would buy.

Today there are excellent sources for diamond engagement rings, just as there are great sources around the world. In recent years, some couples have chosen other stones. However, diamond engagement rings continue to be the most common choice for this traditional expression of love.
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