Finding Beds in Derby, KS

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Home and Garden

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When furnishing a home, there are a ton of options available for each room. Depending on what the preference is for each person who lives in the home, it could take quite a while before the house is furnished properly. When moving into a new home, the first rooms that usually get furniture are the bedrooms as those are the rooms that are most commonly used. Due to this, choosing at least a bed set is pretty high up on the list of priorities. Finding Beds in Derby, KS is fairly easy due to the number of options available, but choosing the right one can take a bit of time.

Cherry Orchard Furniture is a company that provides beautiful wood furniture for every room in the house. Their wooden furniture comes in a variety of stains, meaning that every room can be perfect regardless of whether a person likes light or darker wood. they offer a variety of bedroom sets, including multiple options for bunch beds. Some, like the traditional bunk bed, have vanities that go with them, while others have a dresser built in. Their universal bunkshelf offers a unique option for those interested in bunk beds, as it has three beds in total with two being twins and one being either a twin or a full, depending on the bed.

Their adult line has plenty of options as well, so finding the correct Beds in Derby, KS for the family is an easy task. Some bed frames have storage underneath the bed itself, allowing for a lot more storage room in a fairly small space. This is great for teenagers and young adults who have smaller rooms but need a lot of storage, as well as for couples who need extra space to put linens. Their bed frames for larger beds have a modest, adult look to them. While some frames have storage below, others have cubbies built into the headboard allowing for room to place books. Other options include the traditional antique looking bed frame, and a more sleek, modern option with a slightly rounded headboard which draws the bed together.

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