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Finding a Long Distance Moving Company in Denver

You’re moving to another country and thinking that the process is worlds’ apart from a domestic move. However, this may not be as overwhelming as you think, as long as your long distance moving company provides you with information about international relocation and all the additional paperwork and regulations that are involved in an international move.

Where to Begin
When looking for a long distance moving company, Denver is a good place to start. Many are experienced forwarders who have worldwide capabilities and can arrange moves to and from the United States, as well as moves between countries. Such forwarders handle the entire move from your current residence to your residence at your final destination in the other country, which is also known as “door-to-door” service, and is a complete forwarding service.

Criteria of Long Distance Movers
There are several criteria that you should look for in a long distance moving company. The first is that the company is a member of FIDI, a global organization of professional international moving and relocation companies that specializes in moving household goods from one country to another while meeting the highest standards.

The next one is to be a Certified Registered International Mover (RIM). This is a program of the American Moving and Storage Association that sets a standard for performance and professionalism for international moving companies and provides customers with an independent and standardized means of selecting and finding a qualified moving company that operates anywhere in the world.

ISO 9001 certification sets the standard for quality management around the world and ensures that an organization will provide systems for better customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

Additional Services
Typically when moving to an overseas destination, it is critical that moving boxes be packed by a long distance moving company. Denver moving companies must certify to both the exporting and importing governments and the steamship line that it has complete knowledge of the items packed in each box and that there are no contraband or prohibited items.

These companies also use specially-designed cartons that are thick enough for fragile items and before loading them into the container at your current home. They will also issue coverage for the contents of the shipment that the items are in good condition and provide all the necessary documents for exportation and customs.

Armstrong Relocation – Denver is a fully licensed and certified international forwarder affiliated with United Van Lines. The company can manage your shipment from origin to destination, including online move tracking, customs clearance, and property protection.

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