Find the Right Alloy Wheels in the UK

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Automotive

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When people buy a second hand car or even a new one, they want it to look its best and be the best drive possible. Giving the tyre the right look for you is not hard to find when you look in the right place. There are two different kinds of alloy wheels UK which are made from either aluminium or magnesium alloys. The biggest differences in using these wheels are they improve how the car will handle. A lighter wheel means better handling. By better handling and grip on the road will also help save on petrol. The performance of the brakes is also improved which is good for safety and gives your brakes a longer life. Magnesium wheels are mostly used on racing cars which help improve the cars’ performance. They tend to corrode faster than aluminium wheels but like any tyre you have, care is a top priority. Magnesium wheels are at tip top shape and always shiny so maintenance is a must.

Alloy wheels uk have a large range of different looks, of course you can only get one shape which is round, but the inner circle can have many different looks. The wheels are usually bought by youngsters who want to “pimp their rides” and are bought as luxury items for your car. Aluminium wheels tend to be less noisy then the magnesium wheels due to being lighter. While shopping around keep in mind that the wheel has to fit in the wheel arches of the car. So don’t buy one to big or it won’t fit. Speaking with trained engineers they will be able to tell you the right size for your car.

Take into consideration how the wheels have been made, this can alter your decision when buying the new alloy wheels uk as they all range in low to high prices. Looking around can find you the same wheel at a cheaper price.

When you buy new wheels you want to make sure you give them the best care for the longest life. With the dirt that is on our roads your wheels are bound to get dirty. The biggest problem with alloy wheels uk is the brake dust as it corrodes the wheels and is very hard to clean off. The wheels should be cleaned on a weekly basis and you can buy a wheel sealant that needs applying every two to three months. If you do not keep on top of cleaning your wheels then corrosion will set in and will eventually cause problems for the tyres. Don’t forget that winter time adds more problems with road salt so don’t wait until it’s warm to wash your wheels, continue to clean them frequently.

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